Sep 24


From 04.09 to 07.09 in Odessa, based on the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after A.S. Popov , an international conference was held dedicated to ultrawideband and ultrashort impulse signals INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ULTRAWIDEBAND AND ULTRASHORT IMPULSE SIGNALS (UWBUSIS-2018 ) . The main organizer of the conference was department of theoretical radiophysics of our school.
The conference was attended by leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists working in this field. Including: prof. Konstantin Lukin, prof. David J. Daniels, prof. Sung Ho Cho, prof. Gaspare Galati, prof.Lorenzo Capineri, prof. Alistair Duffy, Prof. Oleg Drobakhin, prof. Oleg Lazorenko, etc.
A lot of attention at the conference was paid to the development and motivation of young scientists. Two young scientists’ schools were held at the conference, and a competition of young scientists was held with the assistance of the European Microwave Association (EuMA) .

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