Treatment of students

About specialty “biophysics”

Dear applicant! I invite you to pursue higher education at the Faculty of radiophysics, biomedical electronics and computer systems of Karazin Kharkov National University! I, as a student of the specialty “biophysics”, will tell you more than just about the Department of Molecular and Medical Biophysics, our faculty. Much has already been invented and studied, …

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Treatment of first course

Entered the university, many of us were afraid not much heavy training process, how to adapt to new social environment, how we will and peers, and teaching staff. After all, having gone to school, we were on the threshold of independent life that threatened to shocks, with whom we already have to cope themselves, as …

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Message of Yushkova Maryna

Dear applicant! If you are used to living boring and dull life, then you are not on the way! I warn you now leave this site and never do not look here! Our team is not for you !!! Well, for someone not scared the first sentence, there is great news! Fate gave you a …

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Message from Khrychov Vladyslav

I am a student of 3rd year of the Faculty of physics, biomedical electronics and computer systems. Why I chose this direction? Take such a decision has helped me a number of reasons, namely: Originality and importance of faculty graduates as future specialists in their field. Probably, it is difficult to overestimate the number of …

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