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Message from the Dean

November 25, 2014 School of Radiophysics, which was founded in 1952, received a new name – School of radiophysics, biomedical electronics and computer systems. The new name reflects the existing faculty today trends and aspects of training at the School, namely the 5 departments of the school carry out the traditional training in radio physics and electronics in conjunction with the necessary knowledge in the modern world in the field of computer and information systems and technologies. The unique combination of physics, biology, medicine, and electronics is the basis of specialization in the Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics and Molecular and Medical Biophysics. Today the department trains students in specialties

  • 105 “Applied physics and nanomaterials”;
  • 126 “Information systems and technologies”;
  • 176(153) “Micro and nanosystem technology”.

Specialty 126 has a technical focus, and the curriculum for both specialties 105 and 176 contains a large number of IT disciplines.

In the faculty there are three research laboratories, a world-famous Radio Physical Observatory, which has the status of a national treasure of Ukraine. The faculty conduct research of world-class dedicated to modern problems of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter to meet the challenges of military-industrial complex, information and nanotechnology, environment, medicine and health, space exploration, development and optimization of biophysical technologies. Students of the department are absolutely required practical skills at universities and in leading scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences. Under agreements with universities in the European Union to improve bachelors and masters the exchange students. Faculty graduates are the chosen direction of an engineer and staff research institutes, including medical, executives and managers of companies specializing in electronics and telecommunications. Our specialists are in demand in the market of IT industry as programmers, system administrators and others. Among the graduates of the faculty are the founders of famous IT companies and Kharkov Ukraine, such as ABC, CSltd, employees of international companies GlobalLogicInc, Gameloft, SPS CommerceInfiniteRetailPower and others. Recent years have proven that graduate diploma faculty of radiophysics, biomedical electronics and computer systems are recognized abroad – many graduates work for grants or permanently in foreign countries.

Prof. S. Shulga, Dean of the Faculty of Radio Physics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems