Treatment of first course

Entered the university, many of us were afraid not much heavy training process, how to adapt to new social environment, how we will and peers, and teaching staff. After all, having gone to school, we were on the threshold of independent life that threatened to shocks, with whom we already have to cope themselves, as most of us are far from home. Fortunately, the fears proved groundless, and our faculty – a large family, even where it does not matter what you course, we all communicate and make friends, despite the difference in their ages, the older courses come to the rescue when you need it younger. In our faculty everyone has the opportunity to realize themselves not only as an intellectual figure, but also as a creative person.
Among all the 20 faculties of Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin it should be noted that the best – Faculty of physics, biomedical electronics and computer systems. Hit the friendly teams of all groups. Despite the fact that more boys than girls in groups there is complete harmony. Upon receipt, just 2 weeks, we already knew each other’s names on the stream. All became friends very celebration of the «Alma Mater». Teaching staff as well all happy. For students are very respectful and caring. Objects are very interesting and exciting: draw graphics in different planes, look experiments in physics lessons, we have access to laboratory work. Do not remain without attention any holidays: fun together and going for a cup of tea. Soon time faculty, and this waiting all look. Faculty hostel in a fairly good condition. Live all family friendly, helping and caring for others. I think that each of us are very happy that after years of school, we came to where really wanted. After all, a physicist – a multi-faceted profession. And faculty every year is getting better and better. All this thanks to our dean, faculty, student council and, of course, the students themselves.

First course of faculty RBECS

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