Mar 23


December 27, 2017 the XVIIIth exhibition-contest of educational and scientific literature was held. On this exhibition the works of the scientific-pedagogical staff of the university, published during 2011-2017, were presented.
Books written by the authors of our faculty were awarded by the commission and received prizes:

  • author’s collective under the guidance of Shulga Sergey –Diploma І degree for the textbook “Theoretical Electrodynamics”;
  • author’s collective: Degtyarev Andrey, Kokodiy Nikolay, Maslov Vyacheslav, Timanyuk Vladimir – Diploma ІІІ degree for the tutorial “Setting the experiment and processing the results”;
  • author’s collective: Degtyarev Andrey, Vyacheslav Maslov, Switch Vasily, Topkov Alexander – Diploma for the monograph “Formation and selection of transverse modes in laser cavities”;
  • Chernogor Leonid – Diploma for the monograph “Space, Earth, Man: Actual Problems”.

Congratulations to the authors and wish them further creative and scientific inspiration!

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