Sep 25

Competition for schoolchildren


Competition for schoolchildren of grades 7-11!

Let’s get acquainted!
Are you interested in computers, technical innovations, mathematics, biology or physics? Then take part in our contest!
Learn more about our faculty with the help of this site or in any other way. Remember the three most interesting, most useful, most important things that impressed you!
Went until October 21, 2018 to mail site.rbecs@gmail.com letter (subject letter: competition for students) with answers to the question:

  • Who is a radiophysicist (or biophysicist)?
  • What are the advantages of such a profession?
  • What three things have you most impressed and interested in?

Also, in the letter, indicate your name, first name, patronymic, school, class, contact number, and wait for news from us! The winners of the contest (the authors of the most meaningful and original answers) will be happy to invite and encourage us with memorable gifts from the RBECS school!

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