Dec 04

We wish you a successful scientific career in Spain!

In the fall of this year, a graduate of our faculty, Marina Yushkova, entered graduate school in Computer Engineering and Telecommunications (Computer Engineering and Telecommunications) in the Hardware & Control Technology Laboratory of Autonomous University of Madrid . The topic of work is “Control and emulation of switched power converters”. The head of Marina was Dr. Alberto Sánchez. Her work is about simulates and emulates of circuits using VHDL, developing programs that test circuits without direct physical assembly.

Marina warmly recalls studying at our faculty:

Faculty education was remembered by the same things that everyone remembers: the romance of student life in the hostel, interesting and useful acquaintances with different people (students and teachers) and the opportunity to DETERMINE your future, choose the direction that you really want (radiofak very contributes).

We wish Marina scientific success and interesting and useful discoveries!

Marina’s page on the laboratory’s website

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