Apr 15

Indoor football – rector’s cup

Reached the final straight Ukrainian championship among students of the 2018/19 season. Already on April 24th we will find out who will celebrate the victory this season. At the decisive stage of the tournament, the team of our university also made its way. Students of our shool play in the team of the university: Danil Abakshin (group RR-41), Vladislav Mospan and Dmitry Knigin (group RR-31), Yevgeny Pugach (group RR-22). Recall that it is the students of KhNU who are today the strongest futsal student team of Ukraine and on April 23-24 in Lviv they will have to defend their title. In the decisive stage, called the Final of Four, apart from our team, teams of the Kiev Drahomanov Scientific-Industrial University, Lviv Polytechnic and NUHT from Kiev also made their way. By our rivals in reaching the final, the lot determined the team of the National Pedagogical University from Kiev.
We wish our footballers victory!

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