May 20

The choice of inter-faculty disciplines

May 20, 2019 begins the choice of inter-faculty disciplines for the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.
Students bachelors during the 2 and 3 courses study one of inter-faculty selective discipline per semester. The volume of inter-faculty selective discipline is three credits (90 hours), the final control for the semester is held in the form of exam.
To select the discipline, students must complete application form, specifying the disciplines in order of their own priority (no more than three disciplines per semester).
Students of our faculty in the point of the questionnaire educational program should indicate:
• “радіофізика і електроніка та біофізика” for students of the specialty 105 “Прикладна фізика та наноматеріали”,
• “мікро- та наносистемна техніка” for students enrolled in the specialty 153 “Мікро- та наносистемна техніка”.
The deadline for filling in the questionnaire is May 24, 2019 18:00.
You can get acquainted with video presentations of disciplines by link. To view them, you need to use e-mail in the domain @ student.karazin.ua.
Students who have not exercised their right to choose will be enrolled in the study of those disciplines that are needed to optimize educational groups.
We draw students’ attention to the courses offered by the teachers of our faculty:
• №111 General Theory of Waves: Mathematical Presentation, lecturer Assoc. Rybin O.,
• №112 Metamaterials or light control: from theory to use, teacher Assoc. Nedukh S.,
• №113 Python programming language in scientific calculations, teacher Assoc. Butrym A.,
• №116 Modern problems of natural science, teacher prof. Montenegro L.,
• №117 Technical calculations, programming and visualization in MATLAB (GNU Octave), teacher Assoc. Easy M.,
• №119 Numerical methods for solving differential and integral equations in scientific problems, teacher Assoc. Bagatskaya O.
List of inter-departmental disciplines of choice on
first semester of academic year 2019-2020

Selection Guidelines

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