Jun 03

Scuba diving is harder than solving physics problems

On February 23 at our university an fulltime tour of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Physics of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) of Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin “Radio Olympiad” for students of grades 10-11 took place. One of the winners of this event was the 11th grade pupil of Kharkov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 27 Chernov Kirill.
We contacted Kirill and asked about his impressions of the Radioimpiad and his gifts.
– You took 1st place in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Physics of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) of the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University “Radio Olympiad” for students of grades 10-11. At this Olympiad, the winners were awarded, tell us what prize came to you, your impressions from it?
– For the victory in «Radioimpiad», I, like all the winners, received many prizes, among which were quite useful in everyday life. For example it was a flash drive, but the most significant award was a certificate for scuba diving.

– There are your pictures from the pool. Did you enjoy the diving session?
– From scuba diving I got an unforgettable feeling, because I never once dived at such depth, more so with scuba diving, but only swam with a tube and a mask on the water surface. I ever wanted to have jumped with a parachute and have dived with a scuba diving suit and one of the desires was unexpectedly realized.
– Dressing aqualung or solving tasks in olympiad was more difficult?
– In fact, I quickly mastered the immersion technique, and the tasks in olympiad were not too complicated. But, I would say that scuba diving was more difficult, because this is a new experience for me. Quite unusual, when you are at a depth of 3-5m and breathe only from a balloon with compressed air. At the Olympics, everything happens in a much less stressful environment.
– What was the brightest moment during the olympiad? In your opinion what task was the most relevant and interesting?
– The Olympiad was quite interesting, the tasks are non-standard, such in ordinary school books you will not meet, but at the same time they were not very complicated. I liked the task in which was the analogy between the plates of the condenser and such elements of nature as rain clouds and the surface of the Earth.
– Do you have any wishes for organizing future «Radioolympiads»?
– I wish that in the future you did not lower the level of the Olympiad and the challenges remained just as entertaining. And thanks for feeding while we were waiting for the results, it was so appropriate.
– You already passed all tests? What university do you plan to enter?
– So, I already passed all exams. With university I have not yet decided, but my further education will definitely be connected with computer sciences, because I realy knowledgeable about it and I like it (I’m writing computer programs).
– Thank you for the answers! We wish you the following victories and successes.
– Goodbye.

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