Jul 25

Our students are the vice-champions of Europe!

In Portugal, Braga ended the European Futsal Championship among universities. The team of our university took part in the men’s tournament. The national team was played by the students of our faculty: Daniil Abakshina, Dmitry Knigin, Evgeny Pugach, Maxim Panasenko and Vladislav Mospan.
In the group tournament in the first match, coach Vitaly Chernyshev’s wards beat the students of the University of Leiria (Portugal) with a score of 4: 3. The double in this match was made by Daniel Abakshina, as well as a goal seen by Maxim Panasenko. In the second game, Kharkiv team played together with the staff of the Croatian University named after Strosmayer from Osijek – 2: 2 (Abakshina and Mospan excelled). And in the last game of the group tournament, our team defeated the “colleagues” from Israel – 9: 0 (Panasenko, Filin scored two goals each, and Abakshina scored once with two goals). As a result, the Karazins took the first place in their group and got into the quarter-finals.
On July 20, our team played in the quarterfinal with representatives of the University of Warsaw, the match ended with a score of 7: 3 in our favor. A goal against rivals was scored by Maksim Panasenko, Daniil Abakshina and Yevgeny Pugach.
On July 21, 2019, the national team of Karazinsky in the semifinals of the European Championship among students played with the hosts of the competition – a team of the Minho University (Portugal), which beat the Lviv Polytechnic National University and did not let the champion of Ukraine into the quarterfinals. In a tense struggle, our guys won 3: 2, double scored by Daniel Abakshin.
In the final match for the main trophy, futsal players of the KhNU. Karazin lost to the team of the Spanish University of Malaga with a score of 1: 5, the ball in the account of Vladislav Mospan. However, the silver medal of the European Championship is also a great success! Congratulations to the guys with silver Euro and wish them further sporting success!

In the photo representatives of our faculty at the championship. Standing: Daniel Abakshina, Dmitry Knigin, Evgeny Pugach and Maxim Panasenko. They sat down: coach Yuri Petrenko and Vladislav Mospan.

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