Olympiad in Physics

All-Ukrainian Olympiad of VN Karazin Kharkov National University in Physics

From March 13 to April 7, 2017 Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin holds the first correspondence round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Physics.
To participate in the remote round of the Olympiad, persons who have received a full general secondary education or are students of final classes of general educational institutions are allowed or are eligible to receive a document on total secondary education in the academic year of the Olympics.
Tasks of tour and instruction.Solutions of problems of correspondence round.

On April 22, 17 entrants took part in the full-time round of the Olympics.

The results of competition:

Full-time tour of the Olympiad

Place SNP result
1 Kashaba Alexander A. 96
2 Beliak Olena O. 95
3-8 Galuk Yaroslav O. 90
3-8 Gorobinskiy Danil K. 90
3-8 Lazarev Pavlo P. 90
3-8 Pertzov Alexander V. 90
3-8 Pugach Nikita S. 90
3-8 Sheputa Elizaveta V. 90
9 Monastyrskiy Nikita S. 81
10 Martynenko Anrey V. 79
11 Belik Nikita A. 78
12 Mihalin Vladislav I. 73
13 Kuchik Nelia M. 70
14-16 Kabatova Anna O. 68
14-16 Korneenkov Vladislav V. 68
14-16 Sheptuha Alexey R. 68
17 Cherkashin Dmitriy A. 56

The winners of the competition were the participants of the second round, who scored at least 90 points, they counted 20 additional points to one of the objects of the certificate external testing in calculating the points competition at the university.
Thanks for all for participating and congratulations to the winners!
Details regarding the accrual of additional points will be published later.
News on the university site for incoming.