Document templates

доц. Хардіков займається роботою з документами

Assoc. Prof. Khardikov engaged in work with documents

Typical document templates

  • Statement about the distribution of the student on the departemnetsdownload
  • Statement of the student to dean download
  • An example of the characteristics of a student download
  • Statement of dismissal on their own download
  • Statement of writing and protect a diploma by contract download
  • Statement translation from contract form of training on a budget download
  • Statement about Changes Graphics Teaching process download
  • Request for restoration download
  • Application to transfer to another university download
  • Statement of Acceptance download
  • Examination act download

Documents for undergraduates

for bachelors

for masters

  • The task for thesis download
  • Blog externship download
  • Title page of the explanatory note to the degree project (work) MA download