Department of Space Radio Physics


Head of the Department: Chornogor Leonid Feoktistovich, doctor of science in physics and mathematics, professor, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology and technology, , Room 3-1,
Department of Space Radio Physics offers Bachelor of Science degree, Specialist degree, and Master of Science degree, in two specializations:

  • «Space Radio Physics»:

  • Basic education of radio-physics researchers on kinetic theory, space plasma physics, radio wave propagation, techniques for modeling and studying processes acting in near-Earth space from Earth to the Sun, basics of fundamental mechanisms of nonlinear phenomena in the space environment, theory of radio system design and development of radio techniques for probing the atmosphere and geospace remotely, basics of signal processing and their application to space weather prediction.

  • «Radio Astronomy»:
  • Fundamental education of radio-astronomy researchers on theory of physical processes acting in space and the cosmos, experience in applying radio astronomy techniques and instruments for determining space radio signal parameters, theory of radio astronomy system design, basics of radio astronomy information processing, visualization, and archiving.

In education, particular emphasis is put on computer studies and computer technologies for solving technical problems of any complexity level.


Transmitting apparatus


Apparatus for receiving and processing signals

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