Every year, the Department of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) of the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University holds the All-Ukrainian Physics Olympiad “Radioolympiad”. The goal of the Olympiad is to popularize radiophysics among schoolchildren.

The Olympiad is held in two rounds: part-time (distance) and full-time tour. To participate in the correspondence round, you need to solve problems (complete tasks), the subject of which is associated with different sections of radiophysics.

The best participants of the correspondence tour are invited to participate in the full-time round of the Olympiad. By the decision of the Organizing Committee, individual schoolchildren (winners of the full-time round of the previous Radio Olympiad and students who have certain achievements in the study of physics) can be invited to participate in the full-time round without the need to participate in the correspondence round or may receive additional points in the correspondence round.

The full-time tour is traditionally held directly at the V.N.Karazin KhNU on the basis of the RBEX faculty in February. The full-time tour program includes: solving radiophysical assignments, getting to know the RBEX faculty and event sponsors, rewarding the winners of the Olympiad. Full-time participants receive prizes and gifts, and winners are awarded valuable prizes.


To contact the Organizing Committee of the Radio Olympiad, please e-mail to or by phone +38(057)707-52-57.