Radioolympiad 2020

All-Ukrainian Olympiad of the RBECS school of Karazin Kharkiv National University in Physics “Radioolympiad”


The Schoolof Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) of Karazin Kharkiv National University announces the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Physics “Radioolympiad”. The goal of the Olympiad is to promote radiophysics among schoolchildren.

To participate in the competition are allowed:

  • schoolchildren of 10-11 classes and other people who pass the External independent evaluation in 2020 (older group);
  • schoolchildren of 7-9 classes (younger group).

The Olympiad is held in two tours: correspondence (remote) and full-time tour. To participate in a remote tour, it is necessary to solve problems (complete tasks), the topics of which are connected with various sections of radiophysics.

The best participants of the correspondence tour will be invited to participate in the full-time tour of the Olympiad. The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad reserves the right to invite individual participants to participate in the full-time tour without the need to participate in the correspondence round (the winners of the full-time tour of the previous Radioolympiad and schoolchildren who have certain achievements in physics studying).

For older group: For younger group:
from 03.12.2019 till 12.02.2020 from 03.12.2019 till 26.01.2020
The results of the remote tour will be posted on the website of the RBEC school
17 February 2020 30 January 2020
Full-time round
22 February 2020 4 February 2020
Solve following problems. Write problem solutions on a piece of paper, scan or photograph each solution and fill out the form. Explain the physical effects depicted in the photo/video. What do you think has this effect for our faculty? Place your explanation for each task in a separate file and fill out the form.

The Olympiad is now complete. The results of remote are available via the links:

Younger group.

Older group.

Information about full-time round can be found at the links:

Younger group.

Older group.


Prizes for the participants of the Radioolympiad 2018

The full-time tour will take place directly in Karazin Kharkiv National University on the basis of the RBECS school. The program of the full-time tour: solving the problems of radiophysical subjects, meeting the RBECS school, meeting the international organization IEEE, awarding the winners of the Olympiad. All participants of the full-time tour will receive memorable prizes and gifts, and the winners will be awarded with valuable prizes.

Information about previous Radioolympiad in 2018.

Information about previous Radioolympiad in 2019.

Contact phone number: +38(057)707-52-57, +38(066)884-99-31 Maxim Nikolaevich.


Information: ІЕЕЕ (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – an international organization of electrical, electronics and electronics engineers, the world leader in the development of standards for electronics and electrical engineering.