Radioolympiad 2021

All-Ukrainian Olympiad of the Faculty of RBECS
V.N. Karazin University in physics “Radioolympiad”


The Faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University announces the holding of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad “Radio Olympiad.” The Olympiad aims to popularize various sections of modern radiophysics among schoolchildren.

To participate in the Olympiad are invited:

  • pupils of 10-11 grades and other persons who take the UPE in 2021 (older group)
  • pupils of grades 7-9 (yonger group).

In previous years, the Olympiad was held in two rounds: correspondence (remote) and intramural rounds. This year’s Olympiad consists of one distance tour with mandatory pre-registration.

For the older group: For the yonger group:
before 24.02.2021 before 10.02.2021
February 27, 2021 February 13, 2021

Now the Olympiad is over. The results for the junior group can be found by the link and for the senior group – by the link.

The Olympiad was held via videoconference. The program includes: acquaintance with the RBEX faculty and the international organization IEEE, as well as solving problems on radiophysical topics. During the acquaintance with the faculty, conditions of the problems of the Radio Olympiad and tips to the problems of the Olympiad were be provided, which help to solve them correctly. Then each participant of the Olympiad receive the terms of the problems and a link to the Google form for sending answers.
For the older group, there was proposed to solve 5 problems of radio physics, a photocopy or scanned copy of the solutions will need to be sent to the Organizing Committee.
The yongrer group need to explain interesting physical effects, and explain how, in your opinion, each effect has to do with our faculty. Your explanations for each problem need to be placed in separate files and sent to the Organizing Committee.
The results of the Olympiad are published on the website within a week from the date of the event. All participants will receive electronic certificates of participation (a hard copy can be obtained upon request), the best participants will receive commemorative prizes and gifts, and the winners will be awarded valuable prizes. Prizes and gifts will be sent by mail or delivered personally to the winners of the Olympiad.


Prizes for the participants of the RadioOlympiad

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Reference: ІЕЕЕ (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – an international organization of engineers in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and radioelectronic industry, a world leader in the development of standards for electronics and electrical engineering.