Training courses


From January to May 2022, preparatory courses for the VNO building will be held at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University at Kharkiv, Svobody Square 4. Preparatory free courses in mathematics are now scheduled. Classes are held every Wednesday at 18-00 in the room 3-9.

It is supposed to solve problems of an open type on the topics:

  • relationships and proportions;
  • work with percentages and shares;
  • equations and systems of equations in two unknowns;
  • work with graphs of functions;
  • solution of inequalities and their systems;
  • logarithms;
  • identities;
  • arithmetic and geometric progression;
  • two-dimensional geometric objects (rectangle, triangle, polygon, circle, trapezoid, rhombus);
  • three-dimensional geometric objects (cone, sphere, prism, pyramid, etc.);
  • solution of trigonometric equations and problems;
  • solving combinatorial problems: rearrangement, placement;
  • work with vectors;
  • derivatives and originals;
  • equation with parameters
  • and other topics.

In the future, it is possible to organize similar preparatory free courses in mathematics at other times and / or preparatory courses in physics. If you are interested, or want to join current course please register here.
Phone for information +38(057)707-52-57, +38(066)884-99-31 Maxim Nikolaevich.