Student scientific society


The composition of the society

The Heads:

Name Position e-mail, phone
Khrychev Vladislav S. Chairman of the Board vlad04.07.95(at), +380955844549
Yushkova Marina N. Deputy Chairman of the Board marisha_ushkova(at), +380951193738
Maksimenko Anna A. Secretary of the Board anita_maximenko(at), +380974432366

Members of the board:

  • Lobanov Eugene E.
  • Mureyko Eugene
  • Muzychishin Bogdan I.
  • Plahtiy Vadim
  • Berezovska Anastasia E.
  • Kirichenko Alexander Y.
  • Shevelev Nikita B.
  • Shevchenko Dmitry I.
  • Mach Eugene S.
  • Kravtsov Oleg V.
  • Lavrik Ekaterina
  • Danishevskii Vladimir S.

The heads of all faculties SSS of the University. Fifth from left – the Head of our SSS Vladislav Khrychev

The activities of the society

  • Held to inform students about the students’ scientific competitions and assists in sending work to these competitions.
  • Vocational guidance work is carried out by students of the Faculty of dissemination of information for future students in schools in the city of Kharkov and in other cities, where the non-resident students go on vacation. Students actively participate in the Open Days university and faculty, conduct a demonstration of devices in the laboratory room for future students of higher educational institutions.
  • Under constant cooperation with other societies and unions University. We conduct workshops on “How to be interviewed and to please the employer?

For innovation activitis SSS of our faculty awarded the diploma


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