Student council of hostel




List of members of the student council hostel number 2

Name Position Phone
1 Papusha Artyom
Chairman of the Student Council 0664111626
2 Matsyuk Eugene Deputy Chairman of the Student Council 0938294007
3 Pichko Katerina Secretary 0667091924
4 Granchak Ivan Warden 5th floor 0661977591
5 Sergey Adamenko Deputy Warden 5th floor 0950956288
6 Shama Vasily /td>

Warden 4th floor 0992410152
7 Dobrovolsky Sergei
Deputy Warden 4th floor 0956210794
8 Mudrak Andrew
Warden 3rd floor 0668336084
9 Kalambet Maria
Deputy Warden 3rd floor 0954585681
10 Shashko Valentin
Warden 2nd floor 0509984254

The activities of the student hostel

  • to ensure order in the hostel
  • to represent the interests of tenants
  • the organization of duty and Subbotniks
  • Student Organization leisure

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