Student Council of the Faculty



Свято дня радіофізика, організоване студрадою

Holiday day of radiophysics, organized by the Student Council

Activities of Student Council

Student Teaching Council of the Faculty of physics, biomedical electronics and computer systems represents the interests of students before administration. We organize student life in all its directions and want our students to the faculty became a place of which they spoke with burning joy and nostalgia. Students to live a real, full-fledged student life. And we make every effort to make this a reality.

The heads of the student council

Golova Zastupnik Sekretar
Ganiuk Andrey
Head of the Faculty Student Council
phone 095-5339-751
Bogomaz Veronika
Deputy Head of the Faculty Student Council
phone 098-5034-719
Sharun Elizaveta
Faculty Student Council Secretary
phone 050-2099-859

Page of Student Council of Faculty RBECS in social network Instagram : @karazina_studrada_rbecs

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