Department of theoretical radiophysics


Acting head of the department: Khardikov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, cand. of sciences, associate professor. E-mail:, к. 5-4.

Head the department: Kolchigin Nikolai Nikolaevich, Dr. Sci. sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Head of International Conferences Antenna Theory and Techniques (ICATT) and UltraWideBand and Ultra Short Impulse Signals (UWBUSIS). phone: 707-51-62. , room 5-1.

Research areas of the department: scattering of electromagnetic waves on slozhnokompozitsionnyh bodies of arbitrary shape; ultrashort pulse signals; development of antenna systems pulse signals; electromagnetic compatibility; Magnetocardiography. Department of Theoretical Radiophysics founded in 1960. Its founder – Academician Viktor Shestopalov. During this period the department has prepared 10 doctors of physical and mathematical sciences and 90 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences.

At the department is preparing undergraduate students read a lot of special courses. Students of the department are actively engaged in scientific work and win prizes in various competitions.


Map with distinguished graduates of the places of work

Graduates of the department work in many countries around the world: Russia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Turkey, Israel and others.

Our developments

Methods and devices for measuring electromagnetic properties of materials at microwave frequencies. Creating a radar absorbing materials. The development of portable instruments for measuring the reflection coefficient of complex objects. Modeling in the frequency and time domain electromagnetic scattering objects in complex systems, and in the waveguide in free space. Modeling of dispersive media.

Head topic: prof. Kolchigin N.N.

Magnetocardiography (MCG). Magnitokardiologiya – a relatively new method of diagnosing heart disease. It is based on the measurement of a weak magnetic field on the human chest for further analysis of the electrical activity of the heart. At the department developed new methods for solving the inverse problem of magnetostatics and processing of random signals.

Head topic: prof. Shulga S.M.

Diagnosis environment. Direct and inverse problems of the theory of propagation of electromagnetic waves. Admission (registration), analysis and processing fields and signals in the study of natural environments. Impedance tomography. Methods and algorithms for digital processing of biomedical signals. Development of precision diagnostic methods of nonlinear electromagnetic environment and the creation of non-destructive testing.

Head topic: prof. Batrakov D.О.


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