Department of Quantum Radiophysics


Head of Department: Maslov Viacheslav Alexandrovich, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Electronics, Dr. Sci. Sciences, Professor, Head of the organizing committee of the international conference CAOL . e-mail:

Scientific Directions:

  • Lasers infrared and submillimeter wavelengths and their application for plasma diagnostics, semiconductor and research of biological objects.
  • Molecular radiospectroscopy millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths.
  • Spectroscopy of Rydberg atoms.
  • Measurement of spatial and energy and polarization parameters of a wide-intense laser radiation



Researcher Topkov A.N., associate professor Degtyarev A.V. and Researcher Gurin O.V. during an experiment to study the properties terragertz laser.


At the department developed a compact terahertz laser optical pumping and modal selector, which can be used to solve various problems in laser technology, medicine, spectroscopy, biology, plasma diagnostics. By its parameters correspond to the best world standards. Head topic: prof. Maslov V.A.


A unique microwave spectrometer for the study of metal atoms in Rydberg states, which can be used to solve problems in radio astronomy and space research. By its parameters correspond to the best world standards. Head topic: prof. Dyubko S.F.


Designed calorimetric meter KOD-21 high-power laser radiation energy. Unlike devices that are commercially available, it means the measurement has a wide range of measurements of energy, a high density of the incident power, a wide range of long pulses measured radiation. For metrological characteristics meet the best world standards. Head topic: prof. Cocody N.G.

Graduates of the Department of Quantum Radiophysics able to conduct research, build and operate a variety of electronic and laser systems. They successfully work in leading research and commercial enterprises of Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS and far abroad – the USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia …

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