Department of physical and biomedical electronics and integrated information technology


Acting Head of the Department: Berdnik Sergey L., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Associate Professor, room. 10-2a, E-mail:

Department of Physical and biomedical electronics and Integrated information technology (PBME and IIT) prepares bachelors and magisters in two specialties:

  • 105 “Applied Physics and nanomaterials”:
    fundamental training in higher mathematics and mathematical physics, general and theoretical physics, the theory of oscillations, microwave physics, quantum and statistical radio physics, the study of nonlinear phenomena in semiconductors and solids, obtaining fundamental knowledge on the Physical Electronics and Electronics Engineers, the study of the laws of propagation of electromagnetic waves in different environments, computer science and computer graphics.
  • 153 “Micro – and nanosystems technics”:
    deep theoretical and practical knowledge of higher mathematics, general and theoretical physics and biophysics, biochemistry, biology and human physiology, basic sensing, computer hardware, computer study methods of obtaining, processing, display and archiving of biomedical information. In a series of professionally-oriented and special disciplines studied the laws of electromagnetic wave propagation in biological media, electronic sensors used in medicine imaging system of the internal environment of man, electronics systems replacement organs and functions of the human body, system diagnostics, physical therapy and surgery. Methods for designing complex biotechnological devices and systems.
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When training focuses on the study of computers and computer technology in everyday work at any level.

Scientific Directions

  • The study of physical phenomena and processes in semiconductors and their compounds under the influence of strong electric fields, as well as ultraviolet and gamma radiation;
  • Creating generators mm-range, study their characteristics;
  • Multiparameter study of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter, including biological fluids;
  • Determination of physical and physico-chemical properties of biological media and creation on their basis of new elements and tools of biomedical electronics.
  • Creation of physical and mathematical models of unsteady interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological objects and the study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves RAMs and EHF bands.
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