General characteristics of scientific research (SR) of the Faculty

The scientific work of the faculty is made up of departments scientific activity and is part of the scientific activities of the university. In carrying out research involving teachers and researchers of the departments, as well as graduate and undergraduate students specialties “Physical and Biomedical Applied Physics”, “Radio Physics and Applied Physics” and other specialties.

It also supports international scientific relations with foreign partners.

In order to address some of the pressing scientific challenges in today’s global level to the work involved and leading experts from other departments of the university or other research organizations. In addition, work is being done within the established interagency research laboratories.

Main research areas

  1. The interaction of electromagnetic radiation with material.
  2. Radiophysical study of near-Earth space.
  3. Basic research to establish the sources of emission of electromagnetic waves on the basis of devices with intervalley electron transfer and structures with submicron dimensions.
  4. Research on the physical properties of biological structures, mechanisms of interaction of electromagnetic waves of different frequency bands, including optical, with biological objects.
  5. Non-invasive study of medical and biological indicators of blood and hemodynamic parameters of the person using optical and infrared transmitters.
  6. Theoretical and experimental studies of broadband transmission paths and devices based on them.
  7. Free-radical processes in natural and artificial membrane objects and their regulation.
  8. The interaction of biomolecules and cells with biologically active substances and nanoparticles.
  9. Remote Sensing. Reducing the radar detectability.
  10. Ultra-wideband and pulse signals.
  11. Magnetocardiography.
  12. Metamaterials and nanomaterials.
  13. Basic research in the field of quantum biology and quantum medicine.
  14. Development of methods and devices for the prevention and treatment of human diseases with the using electromagnetic radiation in the optical range.
  15. Development of methods and devices for using low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in agriculture.

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