Laboratory of radio and optical holography


Laboratory staff

Head of the Laboratory:VP Titar, PhD. Sci. Sciences.
The main scientific direction of the laboratory – the study of polarization holographic methods, nonlinear resonance effects and interaction of electromagnetic fields in the radio and optical wavelengths with the substance and the development of holographic devices to obtain information about the studied biological and non-biological objects.
The laboratory consists of two departments: the Department radiogolografii and optical holography.
The department radiogolografii developed principles of radioholography installations using different principles Radioholograms synthesis and recovery on them the image and creates the appropriate technical means to implement these principles.

Radioholography installation RSU-1 is designed to synthesize Radioholograms objects to the light in a room. The synthesis was carried out holograms by scanning phase centers of the receiving and transmitting antennas, and image restoration – analog optical methods. By setting the obtained images of flat objects.

Multifrequency radio holographic installation RSU-2 can be used to synthesize multi holograms rotating objects and restore them two-dimensional images of objects in the plan. Restoring image holograms is performed digitally. Installation of RSU-2 was incorporated into the landfill measuring complex, fraught with complex computing facilities and used for radar pictures of objects of complex shape.

Radioholography installation and hard to detect hidden objects allows you to define the shape of objects located behind opaque to visible light shelters.

Radioholography installation RSU-3 is designed to synthesize Radioholograms Fresnel in free field conditions. Radioholograms synthesis is carried out by scanning the phase centers of the transmitting and receiving antennas in two mutually perpendicular directions. Installation allows you to create polarization Radioholograms and interferogram of the objects. Image restoration is performed both digital and analog methods. By setting radigolograficheskie obtained images of objects of complex shape.

In the department of optical holography developed principles of holographic optical locators and their modifications – lidars for ecological monitoring of the atmosphere. Pulsed holographic radar IGL-1 produces high-quality images of distant objects Compensated distortions introduced by atmospheric turbulence. Pulsed holographic radar IGL-2 is designed to obtain information about distant objects as geometrical parameters of images reconstructed from holograms, and the composition and structure of the material surface of the object defined by polarization holograms. New methods of object recognition on polarization characteristics of electromagnetic waves scattered objects. For this purpose, new methods of forming optical holograms: polarization, complex and hologram Hartley.
Designed and developed by remote laser flaw with frequency demodulation signals, providing high sensitivity and noise immunity for inspection of industrial products. The device was found in the car-flaw detector and used to detect defects of the rails. Developed and implemented in the production of holographic interferometry methods designed for quality control of industrial products. Established technologies and devices for the production of holograms used in advertising, design, protection against forgery and falsification (rainbow hologram). A model of holographic mechanisms that allowed a unified point of view to explain the many illusions and come to an understanding of how to recognize the phenomenon of man-made objects and phenomena occurrence images of objects formed the eye, under certain conditions a person.
Over the years the lab has published more than 200 scientific papers, received 70 patents for inventions. Published two books.


Digital holographic interference microscope DHIM


On-board laser gas analyzer (ALGA)
ALGA designed to detect and locate leaks of methane gas

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