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Jan 02

Elective subject

Attention 2nd year students! In the spring semester of the current academic year, you are invited to choose an optional discipline: “Advanced course in Java programming” or “Programming in C++”. To choose, you need to fill the Google form before January 20. Advanced Java programming course 3 credits, 90 hours 16 hours of lectures, 32 …

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Oct 25

Curators of academic groups for the 2022-2023 academic year

Jun 14

Questions for graduation exams

The study of bachelors at our faculty ends with the completion of comprehensive graduation exams in the specialty. Exam programs: PROGRAM comprehensive exam in the specialty 105 Applied Physics and Nanomaterials, studied in the educational-professional program “Radiophysics and Electronics and Biophysics” (“Radiophysics and Electronics”) 2018-2022 years of study; PROGRAM comprehensive exam in the specialty 105 …

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May 11

Specialty 126 “Information systems and technologies”

The faculty opened a new specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”, the name of the educational program “Information Technology Management of Complex Systems”. The program is designed to train professionals in the development and maintenance of the Internet of Things, cyborgs, robots, virtual reality, computer systems and special purpose technologies. Our interfaculty and cross-disciplinary training …

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Apr 23

Children of Ukraine

From the first days of the war, a lot of children were in bomb shelters or basements, they were scared and they could not find a place for themselves. Children must continue to live, develop and be strong, because they are the future of our country. Therefore, the Ukrainian part of the international team “Kids …

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Apr 04

Mathematics from RBECS

In 2022, the National Multisubject Test (NMT) will be held for admission to higher education institutions. The test will also include math problems. Faculty of RBECS Karazin Kharkiv National University launches a volunteer program “Mathematics from RBEX”. The initiative aims to reduce the stress of high school students and prepare them for said test. Several …

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Sep 24

Junior’s Online Conference 2021

Alumni and students of RBECS faculty will host the Junior’s Online Conference 2021 on September 24, to which 16 specialists from key IT professions are invited, they will tell everything about juniors and the necessary knowledge and skills to get on the project. Among the topics of the conference will be a lot of interesting …

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Aug 04

To the attention of the freshmen of our faculty!

Accommodation of freshmen of our faculty budgetary forms of education (those who received recommendations for admission to the budget as a result of a wide competition) will take place August 10, 2021; contract form of training, as well as those that will be transferred to vacant budgetary places – August 25, 2021. To settle in …

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Jun 25

SciTech Innovation Day

SciTech Innovation Day took place on June 22. The participants of the event had the opportunity demonstrate your idea and attract the attention of a wide range of like-minded people, representatives of different companies; gain new skills in master classes, lectures and discussions; get acquainted with modern methods of online dialogue. Bulova Andrew (group RB-31) …

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May 11

Distance learning

Attention! Due to the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, distance learning continues at the RBEX faculty. The faculty leadership encourages students, teachers and staff to adhere to the current quarantine requirements and take care of their health.

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