Feb 21

Special course from stakeholders

Developing the traditions of European quality education at Karazin University in the spring semester of 2022-2023 for students of groups RB-31, RB-41 and RB-51 of the RBEСS faculty within the framework of the “Special course from stakeholders” initiative, graduate of the Department of Biophysics Iuliia Iermak, Ph.D ., who currently works at the Max Planck …

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Feb 15


Dec 20

Teachers Community Gathering

Vladyslav Khrychov, senior lecturer of the Department of Theoretical Radiophysics, attended the meeting with the teachers – Teachers Community Gathering, organized by the company SoftServe . The main goal of the meeting is to build close cooperation for the implementation of qualitative changes in IT education. Representatives of Ukrainian educational universities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, …

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Dec 12

Recruitment for military training under the program of reserve officers

In 2022, the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub (faculty of contract training of reserve officers) continues recruitment for military training under the reserve officer program. Citizens of Ukraine who have or are obtaining a higher education degree of at least a bachelor’s degree can enroll in military training (students …

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Nov 29

Dean’s report

The report of the Dean of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems Shulga Sergey Nikolaevich “On the main indicators of the faculty’s activity for 2021/2022 this year” has been published. Report Presentation Faculty work plan for the 2022/23 academic year

Nov 23

EuMA Internship Award

European Microwave Association Innovation Team ( EuMA)organizes the fifth competition «EuMA Internship Award». This initiative aims to facilitate the mobility of students who wish to work in the field of microwaves between European institutions. It also helps create a larger and stronger community of young professionals in the field. Each year, the team provides up …

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Oct 26

IT Ukraine Education Summit 2022

On October 20, a profile event for IT education took place – IT Ukraine Education Summit 2022. The event reached over 2,000 stakeholders, and gathered over 500 online participants and 29 speakers. IT Ukraine Education Summit 2022 – it is a unique platform for interesting educational discussions with highly qualified IT industry experts, representatives of …

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Oct 17


Congratulations to Maria Antyufeeva on receiving the IEEE Region 8 Clementina Saduwa Award! The award recognizes women scientists who, through their scientific, volunteer and career achievements, have demonstrated significant support for women in the profession and have overcome significant difficulties along the way. Maria Antyufeeva has been the chairperson of various IEEE conferences for many …

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Sep 08


The Department of Physical Education and Sports invites students to online classes in sports sections and physical culture and health groups in aerobics and fitness, athletics, badminton, volleyball, archery, indoor football, crossfit, cheerleading and powerlifting in the 2022-2023 academic year. Students can register for classes using the link. And in the main building of the …

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Jun 06

Online meeting: “Features of the introductory campaign. How to enter the budget? ”

In the context of a full-scale war, eleventh-graders and their parents have another problem. How to enter a higher education institution and get on a budget? Compose BAT, and what’s next? Admission rules are very complex and confusing for most first-timers. At open days and meetings with university entrants, they praise themselves, but do not …

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