Message from Khrychov Vladyslav

I am a student of 3rd year of the Faculty of physics, biomedical electronics and computer systems. Why I chose this direction? Take such a decision has helped me a number of reasons, namely:

  1. Originality and importance of faculty graduates as future specialists in their field. Probably, it is difficult to overestimate the number of economists, lawyers, linguists and programmers in our country. However, they all use computers, televisions, mobile phones, both in their professional work and in leisure. Radiophysics designed to provide mankind such technological benefits. After all, the work of all the latest gadgets and devices associated with the generation, distribution, reception and processing of electromagnetic waves. It is these processes are the main objects of study radiophysicists.
  2. A large number of budget places, as a consequence of the demand for specialists in this field.
  3. Extremely kind and sympathetic dean. Dean personally welcomes students, to help them through the opening of the company and answers to all your questions on the “open days”. To the students and the dean’s office, and teachers are understanding and due care.

Finally, I want to say that entered the radiofak you okuneshsya a friendly staff and students get really necessary in life skills from the best teachers of the university.

Khrychov Vladyslav

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