Jul 02

Scholarship rating

The rating lists of success of students of our faculty on results of the second semester of 2022/2023 academic year became known.
The procedure of forming the lists indicated in Rules of appointment and payment of academic scholarships at the University of. Action document applies to those receiving higher education at the University of the state order at the expense of the general fund of the state budget, namely full-time students, graduate students and doctoral students enrolled in full-time form of training (out of work).
In particular, the rating score is determined based on student performance in each discipline, practice, course work, a different kind of learning activities in the last semester according to the curriculum provides a separate assessment of learning outcomes at the final semester control, and allows for student achievement in academic, scientific and technical activities, social life and sports activities in the last semester.
Note. Red color documents referred to individuals who receive higher scholarship for outstanding academic achievement, blue – an academic scholarship, bold – those who have the right to social scholarship, here’s rating success of other students, who did not receive a scholarship.
Ranking of the students of our school for the second semester of 2022-2023.

Information on scholarship provision in all faculties of the University is placed on site.
Scholarship rating for previous years and semesters

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