Jul 05

Scientific research in the laser center of Hanover

As part of the cooperation between the Kharkiv National University named after V.N.Karazin with the Laser Center of Hanover, with the support of the pro-rector for scientific work of Professor V.A. Katrich, joint research of a group of scientists was conducted. Among them one would like to single out the representatives of our faculty: the young scientist Antonenk Eugen and the graduate student Kozheshkurt Valentin.


Antonenko while working with chemical reagents

Antonenko E. worked on the following tasks:
1. Search for the solution of the problem of synthesis of iron nanoparticles with a shell of magnetite – iron oxide with valence (II, III). This type of particles is in demand in medicine and is used for the treatment of cancer by the method of hyperthermia, transportation and targeted delivery of drugs, obtaining tumor-selective contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.
2. Experimental study of the electrophysical properties of suspensions during laser ablation to measure the concentration of nanoparticles in a solvent. This direction will allow to optimize the process of particle production.

Kozheshkurt near the Altes Museum

Kozheshkurt V. participated in joint research, during which a method was developed to increase the efficiency of nanoparticle synthesis by feeding additional energy to the substrate during exposure to laser pulses. The obtained increase in the efficiency of synthesis of nanoparticles reaches 200%. The developed method of increasing efficiency is promising for use in further research and joint projects. Samples of the obtained nanoparticles were collected and examined by means of an electron microscope. Thanks to joint research and the use of modern equipment in the Laser Center of Hanover, KhNU opened great opportunities for the practical implementation of theoretical scientific researc

Modern, necessary, economically effective scientific results are at the intersection of sciences. This indicates the need for close interaction, not only between the departments and faculties, but also between universities.

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