Jul 06

Our graduate is a professional engineering doctor!

In June 2017, the graduate of our faculty Antonov Alexander at the University of Twente (the Netherlands) successfully defended the diploma of a professional engineer in optics and semiconductor technology for his work on the SMILE project “Smart Multilayer Interactive Optis for Lithography at Extreme UV wavelengths” Semiconductor technology
Here is what Alexander tells about his studies and career:
In 2010, there was the question – in which university to enter? I decided to try myself at Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin. In the admissions office I had an interesting conversation with representatives of the Radiophysical Faculty and therefore chose this faculty.
During my studies, the most interesting for me were courses with laboratory work, as well as courses that were taught fun and at the same time allowed to understand complex equations describing various physical processes easyli.
In 2015 I graduated from the Department of Space Radiophysics of our faculty. My thesis supervisor was prof. Chernogor L.F., the thesis was associated with the study of the ionosphere. However, after graduating from university I wanted to connect my professional career with industrial engineering and the qualitative fundamental education that I received at the radiophysical faculty allowed it to be done. For development in the field of industrial engineering I entered the University of Twente, the Netherlands. As part of the educational program Professional Doctorate in Engineering, I studied engineering at the university and was engaged in innovative development for the Dutch company ASML. This company is the world leader in the production of photolithographic machines, which in turn perform an important step in the fabrication of computer nano-chips.

Congratulations to Alexander on his achievement and wish him further career success!

Details on the SMILE project
A. Antonov’s website on the website of the University of Twente
For reference: the professional doctor of engineering (PDEng) – the Netherlands scientific degree, is awarded to graduates of engineering programs, which develop skills of work in a professional environment.

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