Nov 05

Open Day

On November 4, during the open day at the RBECS school, the participants and winners of the 1st (district) stage of the city tournament of young inventors and rationalizers and the tournament of young physicists among the schools of Kholodnogorsky district were awarded. The tournament of young inventors and rationalizers was held on October 9, 2018 in Kharkiv secondary school I-III levels № 126, and the tournament of young physicists – October 17, 2018 at V.N. Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin. The jury of these tournaments was formed from teachers, staff, graduate students and senior students of the faculty RBECS. In particular, the jury consisted of Ph.D., Associate Professor Rybin O., Ph.D., Associate Professor Degtyarev A, Ph.D. , Associate Professor Berest V., Ph.D., Associate Professor Bagatskaya O, Ph.D., Associate Professor Blinova N., Ph.D. ., Associate Professor Kaliberda M, Ph.D. Legenky M., Junior Researcher Shtoda D.. Leaders of the tournament were also representatives of our faculty, graduate student Khrychov V. and students of the 5th year Pisklova P. and Kalambet M..
Within the framework of the open day, participants of tournaments were awarded with certificates of appreciation from the school, and the best participants of these tournaments were awarded with special diplomas and prizes from the jury.
Welcoming remarks to the participants and winners of the tournaments were made by adviser to the Chairman of the KRSA on social and political issues V.M Trubchanov. Dumin A.N., Deputy Dean of the RBECS school told about the activities and conditions for admission to the faculty for schoolchildren and their teachers. Later students were shown interesting physical experiments from students and staff of the RBECS faculty.

Photos of the event.


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