Apr 10

Indoor football – rector’s cup

April 8 at the sport complex of V.N. Karazin KNU held the final of the annual rector’s Futsal Cup. In the final, the team of our faculty met with the team of the law faculty.
As part of our team in the game took: Mospan Vladislav (group RR-31), Abakshin Danil (group RR-43), Pugach Eugene (group RR-22), Gololobov Bogdan (group RR-44), Larionov Kirill, Bogdan Alexey, Greznev Alexey (group PP-46).
From the first seconds of the game, students of our faculty seized the ball and began shelling the gates of the enemy. Only thanks to their goalkeeper lawyers for a long time left their gatesc untouched. But at the end of the first half the score was opened: the goal was scored by Vladislav Mospan. In the second half, our team continued to finish off the enemy. Mospan was the soloist: he constantly beat on several lawyers and played well with Abakshin. Soon Vladislav scored the second goal, and at the end of the match 5 more goals were scored. Our goalkeeper almost did not enter the game during the match.
The final score of the match was 7: 0. Three goals on the score of Mospan V., two goals were scored by Gololobov B., and Bogdan A. and Pugach E. scored 1 ball each.
Congratulations to our football players and we wish them continued success!

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