Jul 08

Educational programs of the RBECS school

Attention applicants!

The curricula of our faculty for specialties 105 “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials” (educational program “Radiophysics and Biophysics and Computer Systems”) and 153 “Micro- and Nanosystem Engineering” (educational program “Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems”) for bachelors have been changed. You can familiarize yourself with the training programs at the link .

Study program

New IT courses are introduced: object-oriented Java programming, algorithms and data structures, project management and IT business analysis, advanced Java programming course, basic UNIX system administration, Web programming, databases, 3-D computer graphics, mathematical modeling in IT engineering, machine learning and big data.
At the same time, traditionally broad training will be carried out, which meets modern world requirements for specialists in a natural science field, modern courses in theoretical physics, similar to those read in the leading universities of the world. The curriculum is supplemented with modern courses in radio electronics, semiconductor physics, solid-state, vacuum and optoelectronics, quantum electronics and microwave electronics, information theory, and numerical simulation.
In addition, students can attend special courses on robotics, programming in Python, creating window interfaces in Python, technical calculations and programming in MATLAB, the theory of metamaterials, microcontrollers, photonics, digital signal processing, coding, fundamentals of nanoelectronics, processors, synergetics.
Educational and work programs of the faculty can be found here.
New training programs are coordinated with the leading computer companies of Kharkov!

Employment prospects

The new curriculum is oriented in such a way that our graduates can work:

  • in leading IT firms and companies (where there is now a great demand for qualified specialists) at the positions of software engineer, application software developer, web application developer, database programmer, game developer programmer, data analysis specialist;
  • Researcher in foreign and domestic research and development (including medical) centers, where they deal with solving actual problems in all natural areas of modern science, participate in the development of modern scientific and technological equipment in domestic and global development companies;
  • occupy engineering and management positions in the field of radio electronics and telecommunications in the units of the transport telecommunications network of Ukraine, subscriber access networks and local networks of departments and enterprises, design and research organizations, mobile communication networks, radio and television transmission centers, radio navigation and radar centers.

To apply for admission to our faculty use the instructions.

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