Sep 20

Welcome to the first course of 2019!


Since September 1, our faculty has hospitably opened its doors to freshmen. This year, 61 people entered the first year of our faculty. Noteworthy feedback from freshmen about the faculty:

Arseny Nerod:
«When I entered the specialty “Radiophysics, Biophysics and Computer Systems”, there was some doubt in my soul about whether I had made the right choice. But already from the first day I realized that I was not mistaken in anything. The atmosphere of the faculty is so disposed, that from the first minute you feel at home.
When the learning process began, I finally became convinced that this is a specialty is indeed mine. At first glance it seems that learning is difficult. But if you adhere to the study of efforts, then there will not be any difficulties».

Artem Khrichev:
«I decided to enter the faculty of RBECS in the 9th grade. But I could not imagine that I would become a perfect student not only of the university, but also of mastering the NEW program of study at the faculty! The administration is doing everything possible so that after graduation we not only possess systematic knowledge, but also can realize ourselves in the modern labor market. And the position of the teachers surprised and pleased me at the same time: It doesn’t matter what kind of knowledge you have come from, the main thing is what knowledge you will finish your studies with».

Alexander Goryunov:
«The grandeur of this ancient building made a great impression on me, looking at which it takes pride that you study here, because the university, like a new book, only with a small introduction “parting words”.
A special role in this book is played by teachers who every day give us inspiration, so that even after graduating from this university we can continue to write this book, only from another chapter».

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