May 04

Specialization selection for 2nd year students


Attention 2nd year students!

Students of specialty 105 “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials”, specialization “Radiophysics and Electronics”, after finishing the 2nd year, choose one of 7 specializations. Different specializations are attached to different departments. This year, to select a department you need:

  1. write a statement addressed to the dean with a request to distribute you (the statement can be printed, but then it should be printed and signed),
  2. indicate three departments in the application in order of priority for you,
  3. take a picture or scan the application and send it by e-mail radiophysics@karazin.ua until May 18.

In the application you can indicate the following departments:

  • Department of Theoretical Radiophysics,
  • Department of Quantum Radiophysics,
  • Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics and Integrated Information Technologies,
  • Department of Microwave Physics,
  • Department of Space Radiophysics,
  • Department of Applied Electrodynamics.

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