Dec 02

The choice of multy-school disciplines


Attention students 2 and 3 courses! The choice of inter-faculty disciplines begins. Students who graduate at the bachelor’s level in the 4th and 6th semesters (2nd and 3rd year) choose to study one inter-faculty selective discipline per semester. The organization of the election of inter-faculty disciplines for the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year consists of three stages.

  1. The first stage (from december 07) – introducing students to the list
    interfaculty disciplines for the first semester. During this period, students can watch videos of the teacher’s introduction.
  2. The Second stage (14–16 december ) – choice of disciplines from the proposed list by direct questioning of 2nd and 3rd year students (using the Google Forms service). During the second stage, students need to fill out a questionnaire, indicating the disciplines in order of their own priority (no more than three disciplines per semester). Students who do not exercise their right of choice will be enrolled in the study of those disciplines that are needed to optimize study groups. Application form .
  3. The third stage (until december 25) – summarizing the results of the survey and the publication of the results of the choice of inter-faculty disciplines.

The volume of inter-faculty selective discipline is three credits (90 hours), the final semester control is carried out in the form of a set-off.
We draw students’ attention to the courses offered by the teachers of our faculty:

  • Radiation biology and medicine (Lecturer: Assoc. Sichevskaya L.V.) annotation.
  • General Wave Theory: Mathematical Representation (Lecturer: Associate Professor Rybin O.N.)
  • Technical calculations, programming and visualization in MATLAB (GNU Octave) (lecturer: Associate Professor Legenkiy M.N.) annotation , video .
  • Numerical methods for solving differential and integral equations in scientific problems (lecturer: Associate Professor Bagatska O.V.) annotation , video . /li>

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