Jan 26

Vacancy for radiophysicists


The company is looking for engineers in the field of radio physics and telecommunications. It is necessary to: design antennas for base stations of cellular communication, design passive devices, measure and tune antennas; provide technical assistance in the installation of antennas; answer questions from customers when discussing orders; work in a research center in China.
A candidate for a vacancy must be a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences or a master’s degree in radiophysics, electronics or telecommunications, possibly employment of senior students studying in the direction of radiophysics, electronics or telecommunications.

Required skills: experience in antenna and passive design, familiarity with modeling in HFSS and / or CST and / or MWO, and familiarity with AutoCAD and / or Draftsight is desirable; experience in the design and development of antenna components (eg, diplexer, phase shifters); ability to quickly learn new skills; responsibility, focus on results; good written and spoken technical English; work planning skills.
Our department and yours are located in Guangzhou, China. Company name: Guangzhou Compass Technology Co Ltd.
For job seekers: they will buy tickets to the company, help to get a work permit and get a work visa, accommodation in a comfortable apartment, lunch every working day, salary during the probationary period from 900 to 1000 US dollars, the salary after the end of the probationary period is discussed with the management.

Send your resume to the address: compass_hr@mail.ru

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