Feb 15

Radioolympiad-2021. Younger group


On February 13, the All-Ukrainian Physics Olympiad Radioolympiad of faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems (RBECS) Kharkiv National University named V.N. Karazina for students of 7-9 classes took place. This year the event took place in a remote format with required pre-registration. 370 schoolchildren from all regions of Ukraine registered to participate in the Radioolympiad.

As part of the event, a conference was first held in the Zoom application. The dean of the RBEX faculty prof. Shulga SM, after that the students listened to a lecture by Assoc. Dumina OM about radiophysics, where some tips on the tasks of the Olympiad were provided. Then video with a interesting physical effects sent to the participants. The students are prompted about the analysis of the efficiency, and they will explain how the report is made to the faculty of RBECS, which is explained to the skin needs of the website in the accompanying files of the Organizing Committee. 3 hours have been introduced for the visit to the participants. During Olimpiad for organizing and technical catering, organized by the community among the participants and organizers in messengers Viber and Telergam. The organizers took away 200 works from scientists. The results of the Olympics can be found by the link . Each of the participants will receive an electronic version of the diploma of the participant or winner of the Olympiad by the end of February. After the Radioolympiad for the older group is, the organizers will contact all the winners to organize their rewarding.

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