Jun 25

SciTech Innovation Day


SciTech Innovation Day took place on June 22. The participants of the event had the opportunity
demonstrate your idea and attract the attention of a wide range of like-minded people, representatives of different companies; gain new skills in master classes, lectures and discussions; get acquainted with modern methods of online dialogue.

Bulova Andrew (group RB-31) the chairman of the Student Scientific Society of RBECS took an active part in the organization of the event. Andrew also presented a report on “DC-DC with artificial intelligence – a step towards the energy of the future.” One of the invited speakers was a senior lecturer of our faculty Vadym Plakhtiy. Vadim together with his student Tymofiy Grabko (group PP-22) told about the activities of the robotics group at the faculty and presented some inventions of our students. Artem Hrychov, a student of our faculty (group PP-22), spoke about 3D printing and computer modeling together with one of the organizers of the innovative project WM (Web-Manufacture). Khrychev’s project was recognized as the best and Artem was awarded gifts from the sponsor of the event – the company NIX .

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