Dec 17

Internship on Apigee Practice in SoftServe IT Academy


We start an internship with Apigee in Node.js and Java.
You ask – what is Apigee?
This is an API Management platform, an element of Google Cloud.
It provides an additional infrastructure layer in any developed API that is the interface between the application or user and the services that form the API.
Deploying an API isn’t just about writing code and deploying it to an application server, it’s about:

  • versioning support
  • guaranteeing safe and trouble-free operation of services
  • availability of monetization mechanisms
  • continuous analytics of states and processes in which the API is involved.

All these functions are implemented by Apigee, so when using it, the developer writes and deploys the code, and all other tasks, such as analytics of API states and events, monetization, security, and others, are the subject of the platform’s work. Cool, right?
So see the conditions, join and work with new products:
Node.js on Apigee
Java on Apigee

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