Feb 21

Radioolympiad-2022. Older group


On February 19, the All-Ukrainian Radioolympiad in Physics took place. Karazina for students of 10-11 grades. This year the event took place in a remote format with mandatory pre-registration. More than 900 schoolchildren of 7-11 grades from all regions of Ukraine registered to participate in the Radio Olympiad.
As part of the event, a conference was first held in the Zoom application. During the conference, students listened to a welcome speech and a presentation of the faculty RbEX from the dean prof. Shulga SM, speech of the head of the department of molecular and medical biophysics Assoc. Beresta VP about modern educational programs of the faculty, information Assoc. Antyufeeva M.S. about the international organization IEEE and information of the chairman of the organizing committee of the Olympiad Legenky M.M. about radio physics and organization of the Radio Olympiad. Throughout the conference, lecturers provided some tips on the tasks of the Olympiad. The students were then asked to solve a number of radiophysical problems. The solutions of each of the tasks had to be written on sheets of paper and sent to the Organizing Committee with photo or scanned copies of the sheets with the solutions. Participants were given 3 hours to complete the task. During the Olympiad, communication between participants and organizers was organized with the help of Viber and Telergam messengers to solve organizational and technical issues.At the end of the Olympiad, the organizers received more than 115 works from students. Olympiad results published at link. Until the end of April, participants and winners will receive diplomas by e-mail. The leaders of the participants (teachers), three or more of whose students sent papers, will receive gratitude from the organizers of the Radioolympiad, for this you need to fill the google form. Issues of awarding the winners and making “hard” copies of diplomas will be considered after the end of the war in Ukraine.
Reference: ІЕЕЕ (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – an international organization of engineers in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and radioelectronic industry, a world leader in the development of standards for electronics and electrical engineering.

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