May 20

Online meeting: “Features of the introductory campaign. How to enter the budget? ”


In the context of a full-scale war, eleventh-graders and their parents have another problem. How to enter a higher education institution and get on a budget? Compose BAT, and what’s next? Admission rules are very complex and confusing for most first-timers. At open days and meetings with university entrants, they praise themselves, but do not explain the details of the admission campaign.
To help solve this problem, employees of the VN Karazin KhNU Admissions Committee with many years of experience are launching a volunteer initiative, which will include an online meeting to talk about the introductory campaign.
It is planned to consider the following issues:

  • what are specialties, competitive offers, what is the difference between different competitive offers;
  • what is a competitive score, how it is calculated, and what affects it;
  • how is the distribution of budget places, what is the supersize;
  • where does the passing score come from, and how can it change this year;
  • how to enter the budget, what is needed for this;
  • how to follow the admission campaign.
  • The online meeting will take place on June 15 at 17:00. You must register to attend the meeting bylink. All registered participants will receive a link to the video conference and, if necessary, a video recording of the conference.

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