Student events

Oct 02

EuMA internship awards

This November, the European Microwave Association ( European Microwave Association -EuMA ) is launching the Awards for the EuMA internship”. Selected undergraduates and graduate students will be awarded up to five awards of € 4,500 for a three-month internship abroad in one from leading European microwave industry organizations, universities and research institutes supporting this initiative …

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Sep 28

Congratulations to the entrants of 2020!

A solemn ceremony of initiation into students took place on September 27, 2020. Due to quarantine for most freshmen, this event went online. This year 71 applicants have entered the first year of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems. This exceeds the total number of students enrolled in other structural divisions of …

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Aug 25

To the attention of 1th year students!

Jun 23

The participation of our students in the conference

In the period from June 8 to June 14, 2020, the Physicotechnical Institute of Low Temperatures named after B.I. Verkin online conference “International Advanced Study Conference Condensed Matter & Low Temperature Physics 2020(CM&LTP 2020)” was held. At the invitation of the organizing committee of the conference, a large number of students and graduate students of …

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Jun 02

Faculty Methodological Commission meeting

On May 29, a meeting of the faculty methodological commission was held. The following issues were considered at the meeting: distribution of 2nd year students in departments; remote session; improvement of the curriculum of the faculty; distribution of courses between teachers; discovery of new specialties at the faculty.

Jun 02

To the attention of 4th year students!

4th year students are asked to go to the dean’s office to fill out graduation documents.

May 29

The choice of multy-school disciplines

Attention students 1 and 2 courses! The choice of inter-faculty disciplines begins. Students who graduate at the bachelor’s level in the third and fifth semesters (2nd and 3rd year) choose to study one inter-faculty selective discipline per semester. The organization of the election of inter-faculty disciplines for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year …

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May 29

To the attention of the 4 year students

On the website of our faculty, on the page questions for a comprehensive final exam for specialties for 4th year students are posted.

May 13

Attention to the third year students!

On May 15 at 11:00 a defense of term papers (abstracts) on Electrodynamics will take place. Protection will take place remotely using the Zoom application. Link to the meeting in Zoom

May 04

Specialization selection for 2nd year students

Attention 2nd year students! Students of specialty 105 “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials”, specialization “Radiophysics and Electronics”, after finishing the 2nd year, choose one of 7 specializations. Different specializations are attached to different departments. This year, to select a department you need: write a statement addressed to the dean with a request to distribute you (the …

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