May 25

Olympiads for extra points

In 2021, at V.N. Karazin, All-Ukrainian Olympiads in Physics and Mathematics are held for vocational guidance of applicants on the basis of a complete general education.

Persons who have received complete general secondary education, or are students of the final classes of general educational institutions, or have the right to receive a document of complete general secondary education in the academic year of the Olympiad, were allowed to participate in the Olympiad.
The Olympiad will consist of two rounds of correspondence (distance) and intramural rounds.
Dates of the extramural (distance) tour: from March 10, 2021 to April 11, 2021 .
The results of the first round of the olympiad in mathematics. The results of the first round of the olympiad in physics. Participants who received at least 75% of points in the first round are invited to the second round.
The second round of the Olympiad in mathematics taked place on April 17, the results of olympiad second round in mathematics. and in physics – on April 24, the results of olympiad second round in physics..
The winners of the Olympiad (students who received at least 90% of points in the second round) are awarded an additional 20 points to the external independent assessment in mathematics or physics when calculating the competitive score at the university.
These additional points can be used for admission to the specialties of the faculty RBEX 105 “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials”, the educational program “Radiophysics, Biophysics and Computer Systems” (not to be confused with other educational programs of 105 specialties at the university) and 153 “Micro- and nanosystem engineering” , educational program “Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems”.
These specialties have a modern curriculum containing more than 1200 hours of relevant IT disciplines, natural disciplines (in particular, electronics, semiconductor physics, solid-state and optoelectronics, robotics, microcontroller programming). In addition, students can take special courses on programming in Python, creating window interfaces in Python, technical calculations and programming in MATLAB, the theory of metamaterials, photonics, digital signal processing, coding, the basics of nanoelectronics, processors, synergetics. Graduates of these specialties will acquire the skills necessary for employment in the leading IT companies of Ukraine and the world, can work as scientists in foreign and domestic research (including medical) centers, as an engineer or as a leader in the field of radio electronics and telecommunications.
Details about the curriculum can be found here. See the curriculum at the link
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Problems of the first round of the olympiad in mathematics.

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