May 27

Attention of third year students !–:–>

May 20

Invitation to the faculty

In April, in Synevir school of I-III grade (c. Sinevir), students of 11th grade were informed about the RSEKS faculty, the direction of its activities and the conditions of entry. Pupils who have shown the ability to study mathematics and physics received personalized invitations to join our faculty.

May 20

The choice of inter-faculty disciplines

May 20, 2019 begins the choice of inter-faculty disciplines for the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. Students bachelors during the 2 and 3 courses study one of inter-faculty selective discipline per semester. The volume of inter-faculty selective discipline is three credits (90 hours), the final control for the semester is held in the …

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May 02

Indoor football : Ukrainian Student Championship

In Lviv, there was a “final of four” championship of Ukraine in futsal for the 2018/2019 season among higher educational institutions. The team of our university, after last year’s victory, this year took second place. In the first semi-final, the team of our university confidently won with a score of 8:1. In the final game …

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Apr 15

Indoor football – rector’s cup

Reached the final straight Ukrainian championship among students of the 2018/19 season. Already on April 24th we will find out who will celebrate the victory this season. At the decisive stage of the tournament, the team of our university also made its way. Students of our shool play in the team of the university: Danil …

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Apr 10

Indoor football – rector’s cup

April 8 at the sport complex of V.N. Karazin KNU held the final of the annual rector’s Futsal Cup. In the final, the team of our faculty met with the team of the law faculty. As part of our team in the game took: Mospan Vladislav (group RR-31), Abakshin Danil (group RR-43), Pugach Eugene (group …

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Apr 01

Competition “Miss University-2019”

On March 28, 2019, “Miss University-2019” was held at our university. During the three competitive performances, the participants struck with their charisma, grace, charm, plasticity. During the “first acquaintance,” the beauties told about their hobbies and dreams, demonstrated the subjects that they more associate with their chosen specialty. Mind, erudition, own view of the world …

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Mar 25

Miss University 2019

We represent the Miss of our school Diana Adamova. We urge you to support her in the contest Miss University-2019, which will be held March 28, 2019 at 15:30 at Freedom Square, 4, 2nd floor, Assembly Hall. Link to the event .

Mar 18

Visit to school 87

On March 15, representatives of our school visited Kharkiv specialized school I-III №87. Students of 10-11 grades were informed about the activities of the faculty, the conditions of admission and new lerning programms. After that, a meeting was held with the school administration, details of cooperation in preparing students for tournaments of young inventors and …

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Mar 04

Workshop for teachers

March 1, 2019 at our school a seminar for physics teachers of Kholodnogorsky districtcwas held. The topic of the seminar is “Organization of work with gifted students in physics lessons and after school hours”. During the seminar, the teachers listened to a report on the topic “Methods and techniques for solving problems of increased complexity” …

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