Mar 10

Olympiada for extra points

All-Ukrainian Olympiad of VN Karazin Kharkiv National University in Physics


In 2020, at the V.N. Kharkiv National University Karazin holds the All-Ukrainian Physics Olympiad for vocational guidance of applicants on the basis of complete secondary education.
To participate in the Olympics are allowed persons who have received a full secondary education, or are students of graduating classes of general educational institutions, or are entitled to receive a document on full general secondary education in the school year of the Olympics.
The Olympiad consists of two rounds of correspondence (distance) and full-time.
Duration of the correspondence (distance) tour: from March 10, 2020 to April 12, 2020.
The publication of the preliminary results of the Olympiad and the answers (decisions) of the tasks of the correspondence tour on the website: April 15, 2020.
Deadline for appeals: from 04.15.2020 to 04.17.2020.
The publication of the results on the website, taking into account the appeals, the list of participants who are invited to participate in another round: 04/20/2020. The remote tour consists of 5 tasks. The complete solution of each of them is estimated at 20 points. Incomplete decisions will also be evaluated (depending on the degree of advancement).
Solve problems and write down decisions on sheets of paper, or format them as a Microsoft Word file, or any other program. If you have received only a partial solution or have any thoughts, be sure to write them as well: there is a chance that they will also be evaluated. Please try to write carefully and legibly. Scan or photograph all the sheets and send an e-mail to radioolympiada@karazin.ua.
The best participants of the Olympiad are awarded an additional 20 points to external independent evaluation in physics when calculating the competitive score at the university. In particular, additional points are added when entering the specialty of the RBECS school 105 “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials” (educational program “Radiophysics, Biophysics and Computer Systems”) and 153 “Micro and Nanosystem Technology” (Educational program “Biomedical Electronics and Computer” Computer system “). The curriculum for these specialties has been modernized (see the link for details).
Please note that if the quarantine is extended, the date of the eye tour may be changed.
Phone for information 057-707-52-57 Legenkiy Maxim Nikolaevich

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